Link Drop

Johan Cruyff

On Happiness, or Does It Matter Who Wins? (Pitch Invasion)

The U.S. Immigration Law and its Effect on the 2018/2022 World Cup Bids (New York Times)

Good Soccer Writing Is Fueled By Love (Duh) (Ed. Especially in Canada) (A More Splendid Life)

An interview with one of the top two Canadians in Major League Soccer, Will Johnson (Red Nation Online) (Ed. De Rosario is the other top Canadian in MLS)

Slum Clearance “South African style” (ESPN)

A great World Cup planner in Excel format (Perfect for your office pool!)

Some dope new shirts from the gang at Bumpy Pitch. The red Philly Love is very nice (Bumpy Pitch)


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One response to “Link Drop

  1. Mike W

    Love the World Cup excel sheet. As an added bonus, it looks like actual work on my desktop.

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