Saturday Pick-up

So the associations of the 32 teams heading to the World Cup next month submitted to FIFA their 30-man preliminary rosters this week. For a handy list of them all go here.

Now numbers for Dundas FC have gradually increased every Saturday morning, which is fantastic. We peaked last week with 17. Our ultimate goal is to have about 45 consistent squad members with a few of the typical I-can’t-get-up-that-early-on-a-Saturday and I-have-to-look-after-my-kids flakes rotating in and out. We’re slowly building to those numbers and we know it’ll take some time.

We want to thank all those who have been showing up each week and encourage anyone who hasn’t come out yet to do so this Saturday. No excuses! And if you know anyone who might be interested in joining Dundas FC, have them e-mail us. The Dundas FC Board of Governors recently approved the purchase of 20 pylons which will allow Coach Smith to run some drills this Saturday should squad members be into it. We are a democracy after all. We are looking to purchase even more pylons, some bibs, balls and mesh goals in the near future to add to the club’s level of professionalism. Could a massive sponsorship deal be in Dundas FC’s near future? Probably not… Unless any of you might have some good ideas or some rich friends…

See you this Saturday!



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3 responses to “Saturday Pick-up

  1. Mike W


  2. I will be in attendance. I prefer scrimmages to drills, but most of all I prefer democracy.

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