Link Drop: Toronto FC will have to wait

Toronto FC will have to wait to retain their Nutrilite Canadian Championship title. [CSA] Next up should they succeed: The CONCACAF Champions League and Amado Guevara’s Motagua. [The 24th Minute]

English-based players on preliminary World Cup squads. Can you guess which four teams have no English-based players? [The Best Eleven]

We’ve only watched 20 minutes of this so far, but this panel discussion on Africa’s World Cup, held at The New School in NYC, is probably worth watching when you’ve got a spare 105 minutes. [Africa Is A Country]

Fascinating piece on the context of Michael Ballack’s injury suffered during the FA Cup final last week. Was going to devote an entire blog post to this, but don’t have the time right now. This incident, argues the writer, displays the brutal side of the game as it happens on the pitch… We don’t like Ballack much and figure it might just be karma catching up with him. [NYT]

My father, Dougie Smith, on the Vanity Fair Fairplay soccer blog (a great daily visit BTW). [Vanity Fair]

Montreal hommies The Ringleaders had what seems like a great night at the Match Program art show. [The Ringleaders]

Hummel coming to Canada. Get ready. Product dropped in Montreal this week… Word is it’ll be in Toronto just before the World Cup starts. [Off The Hook]


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