Toronto FC – Canadian Champions, Again

Montreal goalscorer Philippe Billy

Toronto FC retained the Voyageurs Cup last night as the Vancouver Whitecaps drew 1-1 with the Montreal Impact.

Sportsnet has the highlights.

The Whitecaps are bitter once again this year after Montreal spent the final minutes of the match wasting time, basically eliminating the Whitecaps in the process rather than looking to find a winning goal at home.

I didn’t see the game, but this three-team tournament always raises some interesting questions when it comes to Canadian rivalries. As The 24th Minute points out: “So basically, Toronto hates Montreal, Montreal hates Vancouver, and Vancouver hates everyone. If only the Voyageurs Cup was decided by hate.”

The victory for Toronto FC means they will move on to the CONCACAF Champions League and face Hondruan side C.D. Motagua in July. This means there will be some meaningful international soccer played at BMO Field this year, which is great. Hopefully Toronto FC can get past the preliminary stage, unlike last year when they were bounced 1-0 on aggregate by the Puerto Rico Islanders.


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