The New York Times collected scenes from inside (and outside) bars across America as the US scored that vital winning goal against Algeria.

Is this an indication that soccer has finally been accepted in the United States? We pose that question tounge-in-cheek as that’s the one currently being posed by international and US media… And it’s not worth entertaining with an answer.

A huge number of Americans play and watch soccer. Their national squad has accomplished what Italy and France couldn’t. What does it matter if The Beautiful Game is “accepted” by Americans? What does “acceptance” even mean?

Maybe this overview of who benefits from a successful US World Cup campaign indicates that the sport of soccer has been accepted.



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2 responses to “USA! USA! USA!

  1. Little Fury

    Every time Landon Donovan opens his mouth, Baby Jesus weeps tears of blood. Go Ghana.

  2. We used to hate Landon Donovan too. Maybe you’ll come around…

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