The World Cup Unity Typeface

The FontFeed has a really interesting interview with Yomar Agusto, creator of the Adidas Unity typeface that was used on all Adidas items at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Y O M A R  A U G U S T O | “Adidas had a vision that every element of their football identity was to be linked and unified by one basic shape. This shape can be found as a design element on the official match ball of the World Cup, so the first drawings came from the product designers at Adidas. We at 180 had the task to bring it to life and inject its personality into the whole alphabet.
The core concept of the Unity project was to make the shape which is at the very heart of the world cup – the official match ball which was referenced throughout the whole identity – an essential part of this typeface, as you can see in the numerals 6, 8, and 9. So the same shape that is found on the ball, a rounded triangular form, is also at the heart of the font. That basically was the brief: keep the energy of the shape and build a typographic system around it, inspired by the Jabulani football itself.”

Visit The FontFeed for the full interview.


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  1. I love this font, and Yomar is a excelent font designer.

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