Philippe Blanchard – LAN Party

Dundas Football Club pal Philippe Blanchard will present his latest prints animated with coloured light this Friday, Oct. 1 at Angell Gallery (12 Ossington Avenue). This exhibit is programmed as part of the city-wide Printopolis print symposium.

The imagery—a maze-like network of abstract interconnected shapes and tangled cables—reflects Blanchard’s interest in animation and electric light (related to the human facination with fire in pieces like Quest for Fire and Cave Rave ), exploring the intimate relationship between motion, power, electricity and time. LAN Party goes in a new direction by working with pattern and considering the emergence of networks so complex they suggest a sort of technological sublime, something seemingly beyond human understanding.

The title of the piece refers to a phenomenon in the gaming and computer subculture whereby a large group of people temporarily gather and connect their equipment together to engage in multi-player games, forming a ‘local area network’ (LAN).

For more info visit the Angell Gallery website.


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