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The World Cup & Toronto

Toronto is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to take in the World Cup.


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The World Cup Unity Typeface

The FontFeed has a really interesting interview with Yomar Agusto, creator of the Adidas Unity typeface that was used on all Adidas items at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Y O M A R  A U G U S T O | “Adidas had a vision that every element of their football identity was to be linked and unified by one basic shape. This shape can be found as a design element on the official match ball of the World Cup, so the first drawings came from the product designers at Adidas. We at 180 had the task to bring it to life and inject its personality into the whole alphabet.
The core concept of the Unity project was to make the shape which is at the very heart of the world cup – the official match ball which was referenced throughout the whole identity – an essential part of this typeface, as you can see in the numerals 6, 8, and 9. So the same shape that is found on the ball, a rounded triangular form, is also at the heart of the font. That basically was the brief: keep the energy of the shape and build a typographic system around it, inspired by the Jabulani football itself.”

Visit The FontFeed for the full interview.

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North Koreans don’t get off lightly

It seemed for a while that there would be no repercussions for North Korea’s national soccer team after their dismal performance in the World Cup earlier this summer. Of course, this being North Korea, the team — and especially its coach — have not gotten off lightly. In a six-hour “grand debate,” the entire squad (minus it’s two Japan-based players, who surely must think themselves two of the luckiest people on the planet) was berated by Sports Minister Pak Myong-chol, and were then forced to publicly denounce their coach. The manager, Kim Jong-hun, was accused of “betraying the young General Kim Jong-un,” the son and heir apparent of Kim Jong-Il. He has reportedly been forced out of the Worker’s Party and forced to work as a construction laborer.

Via Foreign Policy

Image Daylife

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Bafana BaGhana

“We had to fight until the last second … We fought for our continent. We fought for Ghana. I hope the whole of Africa is proud and that we made Ghanians happy. Me and my colleagues were disappointed there are no other African teams left with us, so we are fighting for those teams and feel having Africa behind us will give us more energy to fight.”

— Ghana midfielder Andre Ayew after the 2-1 victory over the United States

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South African Smarteez

Smarteez are a group of DIY designers form Soweto. They are the trendsetters in South Africa. They stand out.

During our stop-over in Amsterdam we picked up the latest issue of Dazed and Confused, which devoted about one third of its content to South Africa. It makes for a most fascinating read on a fascinating place and we highly recommend you pick it up, despite the Crystal Castles cover. There is a lengthy piece featuring Smarteez.

While waiting for the bus for this evening’s match between Spain and Chile in Pretoria we saw the Smarteez hanging out in Melrose Arch, a mini-Yorkville in the Northern Suburbs of Jo’burg. They’re even more interesting in person.

For a video about the Smarteez, check out Dazed Digital.

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The New York Times collected scenes from inside (and outside) bars across America as the US scored that vital winning goal against Algeria.

Is this an indication that soccer has finally been accepted in the United States? We pose that question tounge-in-cheek as that’s the one currently being posed by international and US media… And it’s not worth entertaining with an answer.

A huge number of Americans play and watch soccer. Their national squad has accomplished what Italy and France couldn’t. What does it matter if The Beautiful Game is “accepted” by Americans? What does “acceptance” even mean?

Maybe this overview of who benefits from a successful US World Cup campaign indicates that the sport of soccer has been accepted.


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FADER in South Africa

FADER magazine’s Pitch Perfect blog, VIA Africa Is A Country

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